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Well folks, we are less than 2 months from our 1 year anniversary, and I will be renewing the forum domain registration and hosting service. It has been a great year so far! We've made lots of new friends, and shared knowledge and experiences with each other.

Going forward for the new year, we will have supporter subscriptions available. These come in three varieties, 3 months at $12, 6 months at $20, or one year at $36.

Supporter subscriptions will allow you to access some added forum functionality. You will have access to a separate section of the forum reserved for supporters where you can use another added feature, file attachments. You will be able to upload files to the forum to share with other members. The attachment system is newly configured so we might have to work out a bug or two but it will be a fun additional feature that will let you share files with everyone without having to host them yourself, or send out a pile of emails. And finally, your supporter subscription will come with a 25% increase in PM storage capacity from 200 to 250 messages. This will give you significantly more breathing room before having to empty your inbox. And finally, supporters of the forum can sell up to 18 new or handmade items per year through the forum before needing a vendor subscription.

Once your account is upgraded to a Supporting Member, your user title below your forum username on your posts will change to reflect your new primary member group, and your username color in the "who's online" list at the bottom of the index page will change as well. Members who belong to groups like the Friction Fire Fellowship can change their primary member group back to FFF in their profile settings if that is the member group they wish to display. Changing back will not affect your supporter subscription, you will still be a Supporting Member, only it will be an "additional member group" instead of your primary group.

The subscriptions are only set up to accept paypal donations right now. You do not need to have a paypal account to use paypal for the donation, you only need a major credit or debit card.

The subscriptions can be accessed through your member profile under [actions]>paid subscriptions, or by clicking the link below.

Click to donate to bladesandbushlore.c om

As always, the forum functionality will remain the same for members who choose not to donate. Those of you who cannot become supporting members need not do so to continue to enjoy participating here. Your participation alone is contribution enough.

I am excited to see where the new year will take us, and I am thankful to be a part of such a great group of people to share this journey. :)

I'll be getting my 1yr subscription as soon as Christmas shopping is done :-)

I believe I am now Supporter # 1

 :banana: :banana: :banana:

werewolf won:
I'm in too!  The best money I spent this year.

I think I signed up as 3.   :)

And I think it is the best money I spent, too.


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