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thump mat tutorial
« on: June 10, 2018, 05:52:16 AM »
thump mat
Used in heavier rope on sailing boats as proterctive gear it makes a nice place mat or coaster

thump mat tutorial

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Re: thump mat tutorial
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Nice item Tony. 
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Re: thump mat tutorial
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Heather & I were touring the Queen Mary on one of her business trips to California in 1988.  I was admiring a glass-encased display of decorative knot work and visiting with the older (than me at the time) tour-guide gentleman who used to serve aboard the QM when she was at sea.  He had tied all of the displayed knots, several of which were available to handle.  I was closely examining the one you featured in today's tutorial, Anthony.  :thumbsup:      He told me to go ahead and take it with me since it was getting soiled and he needed to tie another one for the public to handle.  That experience renewed my interest in knot tying, Heather gave me the ABOK for Christmas that year and I've carried a 3.5' piece of paracord in my pocket for practicing new knots ever since.......a WAY more productive way to while away time than a fidget spinner! :lol:
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