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Help Desk / Re: wanted red palm wood
« Last post by hayshaker on Today at 06:46:24 AM »
mabey but not just like the lil' knife you made,
my bad luck is i did'nt jump on that one right away and it was sold.
that color contrast was just awesome.
General Discussion / Re: Just thinking
« Last post by Moe M. on Today at 05:58:34 AM »

 Good post Pete,  while it's nice to be able to do those things that you did or wanted to do when you were young, full of energy, and pretty near indestructible,  many of us either don't have the time, or have run out of the strength and stamina that youth provided,  Having a backyard, small patch of woods, or in my case a Sportsman's (Rod & Gun) club that has woods, a spring fed pond with good fishing is the answer,  the important thing I believe is to not give in to the restrictions that life has imposed on us, but to take full advantage of what ever abilities we have left.
Help Desk / Re: wanted red palm wood
« Last post by crashdive123 on Today at 04:28:52 AM »
Not sure where you have looked, but most of the major knife making supply sites have them.
General Discussion / Re: Just thinking
« Last post by Pete Bog on Today at 12:32:40 AM »
  This is the fifth day in a row that I log on to B&B and find that I'm either the only one logged in or that there is one other member already here, it used to be that on any given week end day or holiday there'd be at least a dozen members and some guests looking in. 
  I was last here yesterday for a short time after supper,  since then only two posts have been written,  neither one having anything to do with Blades or Bushlore.
  Is it that people have lost interest in hiking, camping, self reliance, or wilderness skills,  or have they just lost interest period ??? ?

Referring back to the OP and some of the replies
    Participation is down at our Krac meets too.  From a high of 50 at a developed campground meet years ago to an average of 5-15 now.  The common denominator seems to be the guys' real lives just get more crowded with responsibilities.  Church, family, kids, job, etc.  You can't criticize a guy for having priorities like those.  Slowly there are the near retirees and self employed coming up to replace the missing.  Sam and I await patiently for you guys to join us on quiet weekday camps.

    As far as the physical problems with age and camping,  we certainly hope none of our brothers will think twice about coming knowing they are going to need help.  Sam and I both had to rely on helping hands to get us out of our chairs at different camps.  Sam made a tow rope getter upper attached to a tree one trip  .Crash had to keep pumping up my leaking air mattress because of my back on one camp.  Sam is always inviting newbs and others along telling them we can get them set up in camp and deal with any physical problems like prothesis'. fake hips, or pacemakers.

     And yes,  we do know how lucky we are to be able to count on company and help on camps from a great group of brothers.

This subject was addressed in a magazine I subscribe to. I received the latest issue today and the editor referred to being a backyardsman, rather than a Backwoodsman and I think he may have some merit. As we've gotten older and the life has gotten busier, he was advocating for spending time and resources in our own backyards. The advantages were many. Cheaper, closer, can do it for a few hours and then you can be right back home. Skills can be practiced and honed without the commitment of a weekend or days of vacation time used. Some woods skills and equipment fabrication requires access to a shop with the right (if primitive) tools. They can be right there in a backyard shed. I think practicing Bushlore skills in the backyard make them no less valid and gives you the confidence to do it right when you can finally take that weeklong trip to the backwoods. I am exceeding lucky in that I can do whatever I want in my backyard and since no one can see in, I am never questioned. Debris huts, tarp tents, campfires, tree houses,
archery, shooting range, charcoal making, hide tanning, what ever I can think up, I can probably do as long as there is no burning ban or other legal prohibition against it.

Later this summer I would like to float a raft down the Red Lake River where I grew up. I've waited 60 years to do this and I think this summer will be it. It's almost a now or never proposition. But, I get to practice in my back yard first. Simulating a three for four day trip within walking distance of the house will allow me to find and correct shortcomings and errors before I actually launch for real.

Like many of you, I can no longer get out like I used to. My joints are getting too old and stiff. But I still enjoy my backyard getaways.
River Rats / Re: Got an hour in.
« Last post by hayshaker on Yesterday at 07:49:43 PM »
gotta find a cleaner lake, brain eating fungus, wow.
General Outings / Re: Out for Scallops
« Last post by hayshaker on Yesterday at 07:33:17 PM »
that's really cool thanks for sharing the photos
DIY and Homemade Gear / Re: Royal Navy monkey fist knot tutorial
« Last post by asemery on Yesterday at 04:44:40 PM »
royal navy monkey fist knot zipper pulls

General Outings / Re: Out for Scallops
« Last post by Old Philosopher on Yesterday at 04:24:00 PM »
I really, really miss open water diving!  And yeah, think how long it takes a little polyp to grow into a scallop!
General Outings / Re: Out for Scallops
« Last post by Mannlicher on Yesterday at 04:02:34 PM »
and they DO check.   It's a reasonable limit,  and the resource is limited.
General Outings / Re: Out for Scallops
« Last post by Spyder1958 on Yesterday at 03:37:44 PM »
2 gallons whole bay scallops in shell, or 1 pint of bay scallop meat per person

Maximum of 10 gallons of whole bay scallops in shell, or 1/2 gallon bay scallop meat per vessel
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