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mystery steel
« on: November 14, 2017, 07:22:35 PM »
i have a old shop knife i made a little over a year ago. in the bushcraft style od canvas
scales. i use it primarily to split fatwood pieces for the firebox.
anyhow i made it from an old sawmill blade about 27in wide i'd say. i'm told
those were made of high carbon steel but that's it i don't know the full make up
of the metal other than that.
anyhow to do a streangh test i guess. i took a piece of insulated 3wire and bent it over the anvil.
layed the knife on the wire and gave the spine a good whack with a hammer.
that left 3 tiny indentations in the blade you needed a 10x loupe scope to see them.
i took the blade and gave it one pass on each side on the belt grinder lightly, and gone.
not bad i'd say it brought the edge right back, i used and old 220 gr belt.