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Fish Stories
« on: September 20, 2022, 11:17:25 AM »
Two for one

Early Fall in the SW mountains and the Browns were more active than usual. Early morning on stream just as it emptied into a small 10 acre reservoir lake that held some deep water at the dam side. A small but steep arroyo had been damed off back in WPA days with about 40 feet high concrete barrier. It was about 3 ft wide at the top

Fishing streamers on the inflow side with no success I decided to try the deep water at the dam. i could walk out on the dam with water about a ft or two below spill over on one side and air on the other but we have to go to the fish.

A few casts and nothing so the flies were changed again. On the first cast the sinking fly drifted a good ways down and  I started a slow hand over hand retrieve. About 10 feet or so there was a hit and I had one on but it was obviously small. The fish was pretty active and with light gear I knew that I had to tire that little bugger a bit  so I could release it.

At just I few feet below the surface that little fish was far from tired so I slowed down.  The air was cool, the sky clear and I had the entire place to myself. The water was clear as I watched the little fellow just break the surface. when all of a sudden a seriously big brown came rocketing straight up from the depths, the snatched that little fish, fly and some leader, made a sharp turn and disappeared back into the depths.

Surprised and empty handed I knew that wasn't going to be topped by anything that day or maybe any other 

Still remains one of my better days fishing though.