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Do any of you carry guns?

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Oh man you should come to a FL Kracaneuner camp.  It's the odd man out that doesn't bring a firearm.  Some are more discreet than others, but eventually there's a show and tell time.  There are dozens of us.

I'm Canadian.
We only carry firearms during hunting season or if in possession of a carry permit for trapping or if working in high risk areas (field biologists, prospectors, some loggers etc).

I do. Sometimes only a pistol and other times a pistol, my tricked out SKS, or a shotgun.

Depends on what I'm doing in the woods, lol.


Most times I (and most people) pack a rifle along since there's a whole lotta bears around here. It doesn't need to be hunting season to carry a rifle or shotgun. We aren't big on foot travel though so size and weight isn't a problem. Most of our travel is done by quad and boat in the summer, and skidoo in the winter.
Carrying a firearm is common even when there's no open hunting season because of the bears.

Oh ok cool. I'd carry my Russian Mosin nagant, but it's like 9-11 pounds, and I really believe in shot placement vs caliber. And I've never seen a bear besides the one I held at a zoo.

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