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Chilly paddle 12/11/16

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I knew it was going to be clear and no wind this morning so I wanted to see the sun come up. It was a sultry 19 degrees.
Was right at 7 when I arrived.

Clear and beautiful as I'd hoped for.

Was very quiet. Chilly paradise.

Winter showing it's cards.

Very little racket from the highway thank goodness.

My friend the Heron is on that bottom limb in the tree on the left. I actually saw 4 and also scared up a big fat doe along my journey.

It was cold.

But it was nature at its best.

Hope I get to start a bunch more mornings like this.

Creek  :canoe:

 :hail:  Well don't fall in.  Them Carhartts get heavy when wet. 


--- Quote from: wsdstan on December 11, 2016, 09:03:45 AM --- :hail:  Well don't fall in.  Them Carhartts get heavy when wet. 

--- End quote ---

.......and WEAR your PFD!   It makes it easier for the SAR squad to find your frozen carcass when you don't show up for supper!

Just kiddin' you, Creek......I've done the very same thing.  Even tried hunting deer that way a couple of times, but I was always the 'motor' in the stern seat.  Nice experience.  :canoe:

Sometimes you just can't beat those clear, cold mornings for an outing.  Looks like you had a super day out Creek, thanks for sharing!!

Beautiful, UTC, but too damned cold for me.  Thanks for sharing.


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