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MLL Knives:
Welcome to my gallery.

The Scout is a versatile knife suitable for bushcraft, scouting, survival, or as utility for any occasion.
Has a full tang blade, O1 high carbon steel with a total length of 210mm and 4,00mm in thickness and it has only 93mm of blade.
The Scout has a blade with high rigidity and ease of sharpening, has anti-corrosion Epoxy/Polyester insulation in colors: Black and Brown.
Handle Micarta in colors: Black and Blue Denim.
The Scout includes sheathed in black leather with or without belt clip for Firesteel (the version will be chosen when ordering).
O1 steel chemical composition: C 0,95%; Si 0,25%; Mn 1,10%; Cr 0,60%; Mo 0,50%; V 0,16%; W 0,60%.

To place orders PM to my contact in Blades and Bushcraft or contact me for email:

The Scout.

Mario Leao

Nice looking knife!  I think we will be doing business in the near future!

Very nice looking knife!

yeah, i think im gonna have to get one of those scouts...

MLL Knives:
sounds good,
thanks for the support


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