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3 Day Solo River Trip

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I want to get information about this very much. Please help me

Ok.  I'll bite. 

First, work on your English.  Then, work on your Southern dialect.  And frankly I don't think this trip is for you. 

So what kind of boat do you have?  What do you normally carry on multiday canoe trips?

How are you around alligators, water moccasins, coral snakes (there is no antidote), pygmy rattlers, wild boar, panthers, alligator snapping turtles, paper wasps, yellow jackets, skunks, skunk apes (FL bigfoots), meth heads, and drunk armed rednecks that don't like anybody that aren't related to them (even that isn't always peaceful.)?

Still with me?  Great.

If you Spam or fish me, I'll get the federal government involved.

Pete Bog:

--- Quote from: Eikanox on November 28, 2019, 02:15:06 AM ---I want to get information about this very much. Please help me

--- End quote ---

   If you would go over to introductions, we would get a feel for where your from, an approximate age and experience level. Then we can give you a more informed reply. We can make assumptions, which are always dangerous, that English is not your first language, you are not a North American resident and that your possibly under the age of 25, then a reply might be:

   This was a three day long canoe trip by an old man and his dog in the waterways of Florida. (Sorry Max, who we calling old? :doh:)

   There are still places in North America where you can get away from civilization and not see another human being for days. You can get lost and die before you can walk out.

    After many years of experience and learning a few things through trial and error, the skills and confidence to take on a Solo trip into a wilderness area is doable. And after having seen and done to many things, you too can become a gumpy old man!  :rofl:

   Eikanox, was this what you were asking? Oh, and when Madmax says he'll bite, I just assume he's had his rabies vaccine. He might draw a little blood but it's usually not fatal. :)

Pete, I even got my flu and hep vac.  And I I have no problem whatsoever with that description of Max and I.  I yam what I yam the King yes Siam.


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