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I've never made a handle. I know you folks can direct me to some very basic sites to get started.  I have a good supply of furniture grade 3/4" plywood that I thought of using. Any ideas will be a big help. Thank you for your time. LJ

There are a LOT of threads right here in the B&B forums on that very thing, but peruse the link I left below for tutorial videos, step by step picture suggestions, etc. for all manner of knife, sheath and handle construction tips.....

I'm going to study now. Thank you sir.

That is a great site Wolfy.  Thanks from me too.

Downstream.....don't forget to tap on the 'TUTORIALS' section in that sidebar up in the left hand corner.  Then click on the 'HINTS & TIPS' section that comes up.....there are 17 PAGES of the kinds of things you are likely to find useful. :thumbsup:


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