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Watching the sunrise 3/25/17

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I actually had a few activities plan for my river outing but several things worked against me. First I realized I had brought my trusty camera without the memory card.  :doh: Next as I made my way to the area where I do my on land activities I heard the sounds of other humans in the distance so since I'm pretty much trespassing when I stop along the river I decided to just enjoy the paddle and my visit with mother nature. It was beautifully clear and 49 degrees.

I really wanted to watch the sun come up and was able to do that without a hitch!

I'll take a less than perfect canoeing day any time.



I didn't take many  pics for years because I didn't want to spoil the experience.  Kinda regret that.  I could've squeezed more time in.  But I moved pretty fast and loose.  I kinda look back on a lot of those moments and think, "That piece of time is all mine."

Sunrises are the best.

I couldn't agree more. I was going to use a little DIY alcohol stove to brew my tea. That's what I wanted to share but oh well.


There's a LOT of old canoe trip photos that I could share, but they're all shot on Kodachrome......mig ht as well be on glass-plate negatives or tintypes. :P

So......I really appreciate your efforts, Creek!  They bring back a lot of memories. :thumbsup:

Can't do it before our yearly summer mountain sojourn but this fall I want to start transferring old photos to digital.


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