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Old Philosopher:
I finally got away from the homestead for awhile.
My son suddenly decided he wanted a kayak.  He found a Lifetime Products Lancer 100 on sale for $300 dollars off the MSRP.  Whee!  So the first break in the weather and we headed for a nearby lake.  Of course I got invited along, because I had the only vehicle that could haul it. ;)

Conditions were perfect.  It was his first time in a kayak, and it had been 5+ years since he?d been in a canoe, so I was glad for the weather we were handed.
He headed out to explore the lake, and check out the Loon nesting area and beaver hootch at the other end from the small (2 campsites) campground.

While he was gone, I wandered around and found a few signs that the Forest Service had installed.

Yes, just about anywhere in NW Montana is ?bear country?:

Needless to say, I was pretty antsy by the time he got back, not to mention jealous.  My 2 boat in my youth was a wood-and-canvas homemade kayak.  It was 14 feet, and weighed about 90 pounds!  I can?t count how many fish I caught in that thing, trolling a Carrey Special fly behind.  I even had it out on the saltwater fishing for sea-run cutthroat and salmon.
Anyway, when he pulled in, he handed me the paddle and life vest and says, "I know you want to."
I was off in a shot, but my destination was the reeds just to the left of the landing.  When we first arrived, some bird set up a major racket, warning us that we were trespassers.
I glided into the grass, hoping I could get a look at what bird it was, if it was still there.
One thing about a kayak: you sit so low in the water most wildlife has no clue what you are.  Its more stealthy than even a canoe.
I wasn't disappointed.  I found this ol' girl sitting on her nest.  No wonder she set up a warning.  I was able to drift in within 6 feet of her, and she barely ruffled a feather.

(Western Grebe)

Now that I have a boating partner, it's time to get the canoe down from the rafters and do some more exploring!

Thanks for looking.

Lpve the sound a the Loon.

Good you 2 can get on the water together.

Moe M.:

  Good on you Paul,  did you ever restore that old cedar strip canoe or is it the one you're using as a garden box ?

  What do you have for a water worthy canoe now ?

That's a great day. Maybe a yearly tradition now?

Good stuff, OP, and some wonderful pics.  Liz and I don't get out on our kayaks nearly enough.


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