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Paddling some mountain lakes

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I spent Memorial Day on the water getting out fished by the only person allowed to out fish me.  The area was the Wichita Mountains and we tried out a couple small lakes.  Lots more we'll have to get back and try out sometime.  It was a great day.  Didn't take as many full trip report pics as I usually do but here's a look at the day.

Gotta take a buffalo pic!

Thanks for lookin folks!

Awwww.  Great pics.  Feel good Tues.

I can't improve on what Tony said, but just wanted to comment on the profusion of wildfloweres this year.....it looks like we're going to have a magnificent bloom here in Nebraska, too. :banana:

Always neat to see how the kids are growing and still having a great time outdoors, too!! :canoe:

Thanks for the great pictures!

- Woodsorrel

Nice photos and a great day with your daughter.  Can't beat that.  Thanks.


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