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Paddling some mountain lakes

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That's killer man! Your daughter wears a smile and that is wonderful. Hope the fish wasn't dinner or you'd had to shoot the buffalo! Nice trip.


Awesome pics of the water and scenery, that would be just too cool to see a Buffalo out like that!!!!!

Holy cow Bel is growing fast, looks like she's about twice as tall as the last time we saw her!!

She's growing like a weed!!.... good stuff ODE, hope there are many more memory making trips to come  :cheers:

Thanks fellas!  Yeah the years are really flying now.  Both kids are growing like crazy.  I'm just grateful they both like spending time outdoors.  Hopefully I can keep that way.  Yeah we didn't get enough fish for dinner.  I do love a buffalo burger though so it was tempting creek!

I'll have to do another post in a couple weeks on the crashete.  I abused it on accident and smacked a rock something awful with it in the grass.  Considering the hit the crashete took it like a champ and like you'd want a machete to do.  I just need to fix back now.  That'll be the next thread when I have some time to do it right.


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