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A Few Days At The Lake

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Man, that sure is beautiful. How do you like paddle boarding, how hard is it to learn?

Great shots Dave. What lake is that? Looks like a cool little cabin with the screened in patio. Nice fashion statement too...

Great pics Dave!  Those colors are priceless!  Seems like a great few days from those views

Looks like you had a great time, Crash.....loved the crane pictures, too! :thumbsup:

Those Sandhills cranes migrate through Nebraska and gather here by the hundreds of thousands for their mating ritual every year in the Platte River valley.  The sound is almost deafening at times and the gyrations they go through in their dance is quite a sight with those huge, outstretched wings and gangly legs.  Crane-watching is big business for some of the landowners who go to great pains to provide pit-blinds and bed & breakfast accommodations for bird watchers that come from all corners of the world to view the grand spectacle!  :shocked:


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