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A Few Days At The Lake

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The lake is Kinglsey Lake - a giant sinkhole.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kingsley_Lake  The little cottage was on Camp Blanding.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Camp_Blanding

I love the storm clouds. Not much scares me in this world but a sink hole is so unpredictable. We have something a little comparable. It's a reasonably small lake at 65 acres, but it's 195 feet deep.


The Sandhill Cranes are really striking looking birds.  They used to have (maybe still do) a season on them in Colorado and a friend shot a couple and had them mounted.  Up close they are much taller than I thought and really beautiful birds.

I have been in Nebraska when the Sandhills were going thru.  Saw a lot of them in the North Platte and Kearney area one year.

Nice photos Crash.  Really impressive colors and sky.

That lake is really too round to not have been made by aliens from outer space.   :-\
(see the Wikipedia link Crash posted) 

What a good time! Your pics are wonderful as always.

Great pics as always! Thanks for taking us along.


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