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Growing up my neighbors house burned. In one of the walls they found a diary and it had info on a slave being hung in a tree in my front yard.

I asked the Mom about it a couple years ago and she had no idea what happened to it. Her two son's don't know either.

The interesting part of this story is My parents bedroom. It had a walk in closet 6' wide and 12' deep. In the far right corner near the ceiling was a 20"x20" square opening. A piece of wood that slid open and closed. Behind that was another room 6'x12' with no other opening than that 20" square.

I truly believe now that our house was a part of the underground railroad. I wish I took more interest in these facts as a kid. Harriet Tubman's house is in Auburn, now a museum. Maybe this summer I'll do some serious investigating and introduce the thought to the new owners.

It is important to keep old documents. Little windows into the past that can add up to a story of facts.

It would be interesting to pursue that.  The UR operated from about 1831 to 1861 and escaped slaves were taken as far as Canada so if your folks house is in an area that they used it is possible. 

Here is a list of the houses that were part of the UR and there are a few in New York. 



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