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The Smallest Practical Survival Kit

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I don't think about it either Pete.  I do have, like PetrifiedWood, emergency items in each vehicle for dealing with vehicle breakdown or getting stopped in a storm. 


--- Quote from: PetrifiedWood on May 14, 2018, 10:44:27 PM ---Every time I set about building a PSK, it starts out as an altoids tin, then it becomes whatever I can stuff into a wide mouth water bottle. Then it graduates to a fanny pack. Then a day pack. And by that time it's no longer a survival kit, it's just a day pack. Because if you have that much room you might as well carry a full size tarp, a full size knife, 50 feet or more of cordage, a real bivvy sack/tarp/hammock whatever your shelter of preference is, and so on.

My current strategy is to equip each of my vehicles with a decent set of emergency items that way I don't need to remember them. They are always with me in the vehicle if I need them. When I go out in the woods I always have a day pack with knife, fire, water, cordage, compass and a means of communication, though in my area you'd have to be literally blind and deaf to get lost since there are visible landmarks everywhere (mountains).

--- End quote ---

On mt rides and day hike and such i have been accused of overpacking. Everytime i leave camp or the house i plan for spending the night. A real space blanket, a way of heating water, snacks more than i need and GU packs. GU packs are on the go nutrition for enduance sports. It is a paste that comes in different flavors that is easy on the stomach. Its a little foil pack, tear of the top and squeeze it into your mouth. I swear by the stuff, have done several 100 plus rides only eating this stuff. https://guenergy.com/form/gel/.

I also keep things in my pockets, and in packs that go under my seat, on my handle bars, and between the frame. I want to be prepared. I even bring quikclot. I get some drama for it but its okay. I hope i never need it.

I remember when GU packs came out.  Those and a few Power Bars (The old kind that got rock hard below 50 degrees) and you could go a long way/time.


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