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Got an hour in.


Lake Neatahwanta is well known by the pilots in the area as the big green puddle. It has high bacteria and often blue/green algea blooms. There has been other fungal blooms far more dangerous but I can't find info now. It was the fungus that eats your brain.
They have since dredged the lake bottom to promote the natural springs to start running back into the lake. The springs were plugged off by silt washed off farmers fields and down the two main creeks.
Here's an aerial view from google and some pictures from the middle of the lake. It's 713 acres in size. 1.5 miles at the widest part.

This is the far side opposite the park. The farmland is on that side. The park has the pier on the north edge. That's where the  launch ramp is.

This is the shoreline of North Bay Campground.

This is the park I launched from.

The marshy land between the park and the Camp shore.

Nice pics. I am envious of you guys that live in areas with lots of water. Here in NM we have to seek out water. 

Neat lake, larger than all but one around here.

I remember a toxic condition in ponds in Colorado about twenty five years ago that caused some hunting dogs to die from exposure to the bloom that was in the water.

gotta find a cleaner lake, brain eating fungus, wow.

Yikes. That's certainly more serious than swimmers' itch.


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