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A video off my you tube channel from last summer regarding gear related stuff
I was tagged by The Ranger wanting to know what i keep in my rucksack for an overnight campout ect...woods

Good video Woods.  That is a useful group of items to carry.  When we go on winter treks or travel over to Wyoming in a vehicle I throw in a pack with some of the same items you carry in your bag.  Food and water, a couple of wool blankets in place of a down bag, insulated boots, a small white gas stove, and the usual first aid and vehicle emergency items.  I also have a few of those "space blankets" and and a pair of insulated coveralls.  We could sleep on the vehicle if needed so we don't take along a shelter of some kind. 

On a winter day trek (which is about all we do these days) I usually take my snowshoes which are hybrids and have wooden frames with synthetic material for flotation.  I also carry poles and sometimes a 5' walking stick.  My pack is a bit smaller than an overnight type so I take a couple of space blankets and a down coat that a person could use to stay warm if they could not get back to their vehicle for some reason. You would need to build a fire if you are caught out overnight so I also carry a striker device and a lighter along with a small metal can of vaseline soaked cotton balls.   

That bush buddy stove is a gasifier isn't ? I'm curious about the time it took to heat that much water. It looked like the wind was blowing most of the heat away with no wind screen.
I hope you found all the stuff you tossed in the weeds there!

I like the keychain group. Mine has a true utility peanut lighter that has a carabiner machined into the screw top. only several lights but the fluid never evaporates. I have a flashlight and a ferro rod as well.

On a whim, I bought Heather & I each, one of those 'peanut' lighters to have on our key chains.  They came from eBay on a slow boat from China, but they do work quite well.  I charged them with a full load of lighter fluid when I first unwrapped them 4 years ago and they still light right up on the first or second strike of the flint wheel.  I've never replaced the o-rings, but it'd probably be a good idea. :coffee:

Thanks Stan!...sounds like you have great setups in both your Day pack and vehicle :thumbsup:...in my daypack/buttpack i keep one of those emergency bivy things...not very comfortable, but it may just get me through a night without getting dead...but depending on the temps, i'll carry a lightweight down blanket in a backpack...you just never know ???...atb...woods


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