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MLL Knives:
The present prices of products below are in U.S. Dollar, as you can see, prices are equal to my site in Euros ( to users of this forum I will make a direct conversion of Euro to U.S. dollars (1 U.S. Dollar = 1 Euro).

I accept payments by Paypal and bank transfer.

To place orders PM to my contact in Blades and Bushcraft or contact me for email:
I will reply as soon as possible to your message.
Shipping takes 5 days and costs between 12 and 19 USD, depends on the knife.

I also make leather sheaths for knives from other manufacturers.

This topic will be updated.
All this work is handmade in small quantities.

Thank you.

The Fite Ant.


The Fire Ant is a versatile knife suitable for bushcraft, scouting, survival, or as utility for any occasion.
Has a high flat full tang blade, O1 high carbon steel with a total length of 210mm and 4,00mm in thickness and it has 105mm of cutting area.
The Fire Ant has a blade with high rigidity and ease of sharpening, has anti-corrosion Epoxy/Polyester insulation in color: Black.
The Fire Ant can be polished if you dislike coating knives.
Handle Micarta in colors: Black and Blue Denim.
The Scout includes sheathed in black leather.
O1 steel chemical composition: C 0,95%; Si 0,25%; Mn 1,10%; Cr 0,60%; Mo 0,50%; V 0,16%; W 0,60%.

Price: 110,00 USD + shipping charges.

Fire Steel 703:
looks good. will there be a polished blade version?

MLL Knives:
Yes I can polish if you want.

Looks like a good user!  I'd like to see a polished version too...

MLL Knives:
sorry, currently I do not have the Fire Ant polished.
so I can not show photos.
But I can remove the paint and polishing if you order.


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