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19 ft Speed

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How wide is that thing, Tony?  Sure looks like it'll slice through the water.  I'm used to SOT kayaks, but I'd have to have dead calm, flat water to try that.  Looks like fun!

19 inches.  It's pretty cool today for swimming in the spring fed rivers here, so I'm going to wait a day or two to take her out.  I used to race K-1 and C-1.  Purely round bottoms but that was long ago and 30lbs lighter.  LOL.

Well my wax job sucks.  I guess I need some old school wax and a buffer.

Or a neighborhood kid that needs to earn a few bucks.

Pete Bog:
19 inches wide and a round bottom. Long graceful curves and must be handled with proper care and skill, or she'll roll you right off. Like many, her picture probably doesn't do her justice.  And that waxing and buffing thing, well... As mentioned earlier, she does look like a beauty.  Yes Sir, a few days getting to know her sounds like fun! :drool:   We are still talking about the boat, right? :banana:


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