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Interesting Tent Peg


Last year I saw these tent pegs on a website and bought a few as they had a special on them.  This year I used them for part of the cords on a hunting and photo blind we use at the farm.  The are plastic but seem pretty tough and although the ground they are in is pretty soft right now I hit them pretty hard with the hammer to drive them in.  The pegs work with 1/4" para cord.
This photo shows a peg in place and the 1/4" para cord attached.  You can see the slot that the cord locks into so the line stays tight.

Here is what the pegs look like out of the ground

This is the other item I got and it can be screwed to a trailer with side boards to hold down a light load or you can screw it to a bigger peg and make your own pegs.

We will see how they hold up as this blind will be up till the end of December. 
I got these at Lee Valley Tools.  They are kind of pricey but were cheaper when they had a special on them.

Those look handy Stan, look forward to seeing how they hold up.

They withstood high winds today.  I checked them three times to see if the lines were slipping and all was good.  So far I am pleased with them.

Looks pretty slick.


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