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Some new gear for this summer.

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A month or so back I got a few items that were brand new at a local gun show.  I was pretty happy this guy had the stuff and his prices were well below the cost at the sporting goods store.

From left to right:   A Geartop lightweight waterproof ground mat that is 35" x 82".  An Alps Mountaineering 5'x7'6" lightweight tarp with tie out loops.  A Weaner wind screen for a stove.  It measures about 9.5" in height and goes around my old white gas stove nicely.  A Toaks pot with an orange bag to keep it in.  The pot has a lid and small handles that fold around the cup when not it use.  The pot holds 22 oz. and weighs 2.8 oz.  It is 3.5" x 3.5" and made out of titanium.  I also got a folding chair that packs down quite small and weighs just a few ounces. 

This stuff is all made in China I think but it appears to be of very high quality material and assembly.  While my backpacking days are over I like to ride the motorcycle into the Black Hills near our home and stop at a good place and make coffee and maybe sit and watch things go by.  This stuff all fits in my small top bag on the rear of my bike. 

The chair:


Very nice! 

Are you planning to do some lightweight or ultra-light backpacking with the titanium pot, tarp, and ground cloth?

- Woodsorrel

No.  Those days are pretty much behind me with age and new knees.  What I do like to do is go out to a place on our farm and fix tea or lunch and watch the cows or deer or whatever comes along.  I also like to ride my motorcycle down in the Black Hills and find a good spot for a lunch or supper and use my old mountaineering stove and the rest of my kit.  I like the new chair as it fits in that little case and I can easily carry it in a saddle bag or top bag on the motorbike. 

This stuff was so cheap at the gun show I was at I couldn't resist it. 

You might want to test that chair at home while Sue is around to help you out of it.  I wouldn?t want you to end up under a tree like Johnny Appleseed!  :lol:

I already have.  You do not want to sit in this chair unless you have a stout rope tied around your wrist and the other end to something really stout like a tree or a truck.  You remember that Russian dance where they are down on their haunches and kicking their legs out in front of them?  If you can do that you can get out of this device by yourself.  I am not in that group.   :-X

This stuff fits in the top bag of my motorcycle so you get to see it sometime.


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