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A useful knife and axe steel at camp


I got this EZ LAP Diamond steel at a flea market a couple of years ago. It was well used when I got it but still has a lot of life left.  It rides in my tool box on the ATV most of the time and I use it when hunting if I need to touch up a blade. 

This steel has some "tooth" to it and feels very good when you pull it across the edge of the blade.  I get good results with it, better than some of my larger steels.  It is especially effective on knives like a Buck 110 and a Mora fixed blade.  This steel is still being made by EZ Lap and is available in different grits from a coarse 150 to a finer 1200.  This one is about a 600 I think. 

Looks good, any idea on the age ?
I saw a German documentary on how they resharpen old files again, it was the last company in Germany still doing it, and then it closed as well, mainly due to new files being cheaper.
Quite sad to see a honest trade going out of business.

Found it again, in German though, but even if you dont understand it, it is interesting to watch and see the process and tools.

Dabberty I have no idea of the age.  They still make these from the same type of brass and steel with the same leather pouch.

They are now located in the state of Nevada.

Here is a link to to their website and the products they offer.


The file video is quite interesting. It is too bad that the skill required to do some of that hand work is gone.  I was waiting to see the heat treat and interested in that process as well.  The file recuts would take a lot of skill.

I saw only a couple of words I recognize, one was Gesundheit which my father said a lot.  His grandfather was a German from Russia and spoke very little English when he first came to the United States.  Thanks for sending that video along.

I have an Eze-Lap 62C for knives that haven't been sharp for a long time, or have been sharpened wrong, and need a lot of material removed.

I had a coarse diamond sharpener and it would take material off quickly.  I think it was worth having for those neglected or damaged knives and axes one runs across from time to time. 


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