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I have, over the years, picked up a few old powder horns.  Some of them came off of the Indian Reservations and were used for a long time.

Here are four horns and a couple of patch cutters from an auction of Indian Reservation items.

The three smaller horns are most likely those used for percussion revolvers in the latter part of the 18th century.  One of them still has the powder measures attached and one measure is a .32 S&W cartridge which came out in 1877.  The larger horn would more likely be for a rifle or shotgun.

All of these horns have hand carved end plugs.  Some have holes for quicker filling and some do not.  While I have no provenance on any of these, one of the small horns (the second in from the left), is from a museum collection and dated to 1845 on the auction receipt.

These patch cutters were well used and came with the two of the small horns.  Likely for a small rifle, maybe .36 caliber or so.  The auction these came from had a large number of brass trade pots and blacksmith forged hawk heads from a local reservation collection.

When out and about I frequently carry a replica of a 1851 .36 caliber Colt percussion revolver.  It is about the same size as a Colt 1860 Army.  It shoots well and I probably should use one of these horns with it. 

From a bushcraft standpoint black powder arms have a lot of versatility between bullets and power levels with various volumes of powder. 

If you have any horns post them up, new or old.

here's a few of mine.

Nice horns Randy.  The second one looks quite a bit like the ones I have as far as color and the plug on the large end.

I have only one OLD powder horn and it appears to be a twin to the one in Randy's first photo.  It was given to me by a friend of Heather's who purchased it at a garage sale.  When asked how the owner came by it or if she knew of any of the old horn?s history, she told him that it was her great grandfather's and had been in her family for as long as she could remember. 

He paid $.25 for it! :shrug:

Some guys have all the luck.   :-X


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