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my good friend up in Michigan, Tim Olt, has made a number of knives for me.  This set showed up the other day.  O1 steel.  Tim's design, make and heat treat.  He wants me to try them out,  take them to the woods and test them.  I'll report back to him what I find out about the pair.  I have been using them for a few days now,  and have some ideas about them.  They came sharp,  and ready for use.  There are sheaths for both.
The finger grooves on the hatchet handle allow you to choke up, and use the blade almost like a ulu knife.  It chops well, and is comfortable in the hand.
The knife has a very comfortable handle,  and slices, cuts, chops and carves extremely well.  I like it a lot.

The cleaver/ulu is a good looker.  I can see where it would be pretty useful processing game animals and splitting wood. 

Very nice!


If they perform as well as they look, they should be fantastic.


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