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I had these made for my kitchen.  4 1/2 and 3 inch blades of S35VN steel.  Handles are made of  black, linen Micarta, and have an oval, tapered shape.    I designed them based on a traditional Japanese shape.

Interesting blades. Not familiar with that type if geometry but looks like slicers for sure. Handles look great. Looking forward to an evaluation with use. Thanks

the design makes for a very strong tip that won't bend or flex when cutting.  The design is ancient and has been a feature on Japanese boning knives for ages.  Most work with a paring knife is done with the tip, and these are very sharp, don't flex, and cut what and where you want them to.

Very nice!  I like em!

Look somewhat related to a few Tanto blades I have.   Just upside down.  I bet they work well.


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