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Ever seen a vintage Stanley thermos in Gold color?


So came across this at an antique store over the weekend.  Never seen one in gold color before and can't find anything on it either.  Model says it's a "Super Vac"  also N9. 44 is on it.  Green, Grey and Blue are all you turn up on searches and ebay.  Any knowledgeable Stanley Thermos folks out here and know anything about this one?

Nope, never seen one that color.  I have three, maybe four, of the light green ones.  Used to use them a lot when I spent more time in the duck blind or driving long distances to bird hunt.  Mine say the same thing on the bottom. 

Yeah the bottom labeling and the shape would put these from ether the 50s or 60s.  I'm glad to have an old USA one.  I have a newer one but it's made in that other place.  I'll be toting this one a long from on.   

I have never seen one that color.  I have a few Stanley's laying around and mine are all green.  My oldest was purchased new --- probably 30 years ago while my newest ( 2 quart version ) is a fairly recent purchase.  There is at least one wide mouth Stanley around here someplace that has kept soup warm for me for quite a few years.

I also have one of the wide mouth Stanley thermos bottles and have used it a lot sitting in a duck blind on frosty mornings.  It was made by Aladdin Stanley.

Another set on the shelf is two bottles with a metal box for sandwiches and whatever.  It all fits in a carrying case.  I don't know the age of it but it would have been handy for having on a picnic or a auto trip. 


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