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I was kind of looking around at the options for a 'stump pullin' trail bike & ran across this site for the old Rokon trail bikes....


I think they look like a pretty useful outfit for rough trail use and might be kind of fun, too!  I'm gettin' too old to be humpin' dead deer through timbered ravines filled with knee-deep snow, so one of these things looks pretty danged good to me! :P

Have any of you guys had any experience with these things or know anyone that has?   I know they've been around for a long time......ever since I was a kid, I remember seeing their ads in the 'classifieds' in all of the major outdoor magazines.  They've got some videos and articles on the main site if you want to watch them.......pretty cool & beats feedin' a horse year 'round, too! 8)


Little Yellow Jacket:
They will pull stumps.

I like those and think they're cool as the dickens, but at my age I'd go with 4 wheels intead of 2!


--- Quote from: imnukensc on September 11, 2013, 01:24:02 PM ---I like those and think they're cool as the dickens, but at my age I'd go with 4 wheels intead of 2!

--- End quote ---
With the places I have to get into I would be more hampered with 4 wheels, hence my interest in one of these things.  From the list of dealers, it looks like they are clustered mostly in places that would put them to good hard use, so I take that as a good sign, too.  The videos show them going through some pretty deep snow & water and the military seems to have found some use for them, also, so I am still wanting to find out more about them.  Parts are pretty much standard, available-anywhere stuff, too.

Another thing that's a plus, is their weight.  A couple of guys could easily carry one if the need arose.  You sure can't do that with a 4-wheeler.  Some of them are getting as big as the first old Willy's Jeeps were.....and cost 5 times as much >:(

When I was just of high school a couple of years a neighbor bought one.  He got it to get into some Elk hunting area he went to every year.  I didn't pay a lot of attention to it other that to look at a couple of times.  It was two wheel drive back then too and that was the draw.

I see now they are $7100 and change and weigh 218 pounds dry.  They are probably pretty good for old coots like us but I think you ought to ride one around a bit before you buy one.  Besides your gonna need a pretty big friend to carry that thing very far.  :P


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