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What deals have you gotten at yard sales - thrift shops.

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Just a thread to share the deals you have purchased at garage sales, thrift shops or just stumbled across.

I think it will be neat to see everybody's second hand treasures.

Well after church and a rainy afternoon this past Sunday we headed to goodwill and my fianc? says would you be interested in this. A woobie for $6.27 I said oh yeah. Great find sweetie.

   NICE find!

  I have a few things I have picked up in the past, but not lately. And many times I am one of them who is "a day late or a dollar short". I hear about a deal & rush over there & someone has made off with it right before I get there, or I watch them buy it as I am walking up. Happens all the time. Makes for a Love/Hate relationship for me in regard to shopping at places like ya mentioned.. Occasionally I can find a good deal though & that's the Love part.

But this is a good idea for a topic.I thought there may have been a topic already made that was along the lines of this one, but I didn't find it. Just thought I would check for ya so there was not competition between them.

Thanks for opening the topic! It'll likely be another that we drool over someone else good luck!

Nice find, greyhound!

Here's an axe I just mentioned that I picked up for 5 bucks at a flee market in Turo, Nova Scotia:

Scored an amazing 100% wool fisherman's knit sweater by Lakeland Sheepskin Centre ( jolly o'le England ) for about $9 CAN at a Value Village, warmest sweater I've ever owned fit perfect..........


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