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Krac day trip on the river 5-24-14

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 Yellow Yak, Spyder, Mad Max, Swamphanger all met at a parking lot to start the convoy to the river not that it was real far. We unloaded our canoes and of coarse one Yellow Yak. All had brought their packs and fishing gear and in Krac fashion plenty of food. As we left the put in the fish were popping everywhere. A lazy paddle down the shaded river towards our temp day camp was a couple miles down river. Everyone caught up with each other and talked about gear and wants and haves and how too much we already have in gear. the river was beautiful as always with plenty of Floral and Fauna. Alot of things in bloom and we talked about some of the wild edibles as we passed them. As we reached the island get away we did a quick survey and started rigging fishing poles. Didn't take long and we were piling back into the crafts to catch a few fish. I was using a fly rod with the spider style popper. YY was using a spinning outfit as was Spyder along with a cane pole. Mad Max had his Tecnu rod in hand. I believe we all caught a couple brim each and Spyder caught one Speck. After a couple hours in the full sun we headed to the shade of the huge Live Oaks our fire pits were set up under and that cool shade. We collected some downed oak for fuel to cook our meals. Yellow Yak had brought some huge Rib-eye's and some squash along with some bread. Mad Max brought some cheese and bread and much need prep tray. Spyders contribution was his brazier grill and a nice pot of red beans and rice. I brought fresh rabbit sausage and rabbit shoulders. Yes we were full as ticks and never even got out the shoulders. No one had room from it all. After the meal we rolled around and talked of future trips and places that needed some investigating. Before long we realized we were going to be late getting home and packed up and again had a nice return paddle. Since it had warmed up real well by then all of our reptile friends were out swimming around us and we guessed how long each one was. Once at the ramp its the usual anticlimatic load up an head out. Was really glad to catch up with everyone and had a great time. we will do it again soon.

Looked like a great day trip and good fishing :canoe:

That was a fine day out with good friends.  I couldn't believe the fish that were jumping all around us.  One gator was scary big.  The birds and frogs serenaded us.  The food was superb as usual.

Kephart once wrote about the planning of camps and thinking about equipment choices was a very enjoyable pastime.  We engaged in that in that conversation a lot.

A very fitting and thoroughly enjoyable last paddle for me this season in FL.

Yep, great paddle with some great friends, good food and fishing. I'll postup the few photos I got shortly

Great day on the Withlacoochee River. This is one of SwampHanger's favorite stomping grounds and an absolutely gorgeous river. We were lucky with the weather, not too hot or humid. The fishing was fun, caught a nice well fed brim. This river runs South to North and empties out into the Gulf of Mexico. I was fishing the tree line on the Eastern side of the river, just letting the slow flow carry me along in the shade.

After fishing we got back to camp and hung out for a while and then got a couple of fires started for cooking. In the picture above that SwampHanger posted of me down by the fire pit, I was using his fire steel and the can opener on my Leatherman to light the tender that MadMax and had gathered. It took me about 15 or so strokes to get the tinder started, then it went out. SwampHanger gathered some more tender, then Spyder bent over, took one or two strokes with his ferro rod and sent a shower of sparks on the tender, fires on. I need to practice my ferro rod skills a little more LOL.

It was a great day out with a great group of friends. Here's just a few pictures.

Our day camp

Spyder, SwampHanger, and MadMax discussing the topo map of the area

Spyder's cool Brazer grill, keeping a pot of great tasting beans and rice hot while a couple of rib-eyes with homemade sea salt and black pepper get grilled

SwampHanger's excellent rabbit sausage, along with some steak and zucchini brushed with olive oil, a little garlic salt and pepper.



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