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Kayaking the Ocoee river, Tn.

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Came down off the mountain Jul 5th to Kayak the Ocoee river with my daughter Beth, SIL, and a couple of friends and do a little fishing along the way. We had a great day and ended our trip where the Ocoee meets the Hiwassee River
From around 0830 till noon the fishing was nonstop, almost ever cast produced a fish. Then you couldn't buy a bite.
Hope you enjoy the photo's.

At the launch

Daughter Beth

Hey Creek, your buddy flew over the hill  ;D
There were two, and they followed us all down the river till take out. really cool.

eastern bean tree

Old bridge or road bed?

Thanks for coming along

I never have had the opportunity to paddle the Ocoee, but it's one that has always been on my bucket list.  Looks like you guys had a great time! :thumbsup:


Great looking trip Spyder!

Glad to hear you were able to catch a few.

Great pics.  Thanks for taking us along.

Awesome pics! Matter of fact you remembered to take a bunch lol. Thanks for a great look at your day. Those were some pretty lookin fish.


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