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Heat Tolerance. Born or Bred?

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Coming back from a summer of nights in the 50's days in the low 80's (maybe) to FL's heat indexes over 100,  I got to thinking.  Do you think heat tolerance is inborn (you have it or you don't) or can anyone acclimate?

I believe it's about acclimatization. You actually see it all the time with the changing of the seasons.

Acclimatization.  Grew up here in the midlands of SC where our weather is similar to Florida's.  We had no AC until I was in high school and that was just a window unit in Mom and Dad's bedroom.  No AC at school.  Worked outside all summer long.  Now I can't stand to be outside for very long in the summer and if I have to be, I try to do it in the morning or late evening.

Being off work as long as I have, I know acclimatization has a lot to do with it for me.  I also think some folks withstand heat or cold better than others.  I can take the heat better than the cold, but know a guy who never wears a long sleeved shirt unless there's a wind chill index.  Get the temps over about 65-70 and he's dying.

Is there a lot of difference in elevation from where you were?  I wonder if that plays anything into it?

Dano, it's only a couple thousand feet at most.  My wife (PE instructor) and I transition the climate change very quickly.  I know people who have lived in FL for decades that can't or won't tolerate being outside in the summer for more than a few minutes. 



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