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Fire! / Re: Fat wood hand drill fire
« Last post by crashdive123 on Yesterday at 05:55:47 PM »
They are all over the internet.  If it's on line it must be true right?

Out of over 16 million views, I wonder how many people tried this one.

General Discussion / Re: were they just a fad?
« Last post by OffGrid9 on Yesterday at 03:34:13 PM »

 ...Knowing how to properly fell a tree with an ax does not keep me from using a chain saw.

I'm having a giggle taking that example ad punctum in stupiditate -- knowing how to trap a live beaver and train it to gnaw down a designated tree...wouldn't keep me from felling it with an ax.
General Discussion / Re: Bro's runaway kit, 1970
« Last post by PetrifiedWood on Yesterday at 03:11:58 PM »
Powerful stuff. Thanks for letting us into a moment in your family history.
General Discussion / Re: Bro's runaway kit, 1970
« Last post by OffGrid9 on Yesterday at 02:52:40 PM »
Always a day late and a dollar short...just found this thread.  I was moved.

I had a great relationship with my dad.  So-so with Mom, but it was no ordeal, more of a lonely truce.  I spent a lot of time in the forest near our home with my best friend, Tom.  We had a friend, Tommy, who spent time with me and Tom, as much as he could, all day long...seemed like he didn't want to go home.  He was a year younger, and a class behind -- Tom and I sometimes got tired of him hanging around, following us, and we'd ditch him.

Years later, when his mom committed suicide, Tommy told us what life had been like for him.  His dad (like yours, xj) worked hard, and long hours, and had little time for his family.  When he got home each night he'd eat dinner and start drinking.  When he didn't drink enough, or fast enough, to pass out, he'd get angry at everyone except his younger boy, Steve, and he often abused his wife and Tommy.  I never knew.

The three of us got together a few weeks after Tommy's mom died, and he laid it all out.  We'd never seen him weep before.  He didn't wail, his voice was flat and low, and the tears poured down his face and he didn't even notice them.  I don't know how he'd kept all that inside for so long.  He told us he'd always wanted to tell us about it, but couldn't find words.  I hope it helped him to get it out.

Xj, I hope telling us has helped you.  I know it's trite and hollow to say, "our thoughts and prayers go with you".  But they do.
General Discussion / Re: KEN BURNS: THE VIETNAM WAR
« Last post by Unknown on Yesterday at 02:33:37 PM »
Evidently Ken Burns had help writing the series from Walter Cronkite and Jane Fonda.  He can't write an unbiased piece,  it's always slanted heavily from the left side of things,

Talks cheap.

Give some examples and refute the factual content.

makes sense to me. asking for examples should not cause an issue. After asking about any bias in Burns' material the respondents here replied they saw little to none. I have not watched the documentary; which I might or might not as time permits. I could probably learn all I need to know about Kenneth by seeing how he covered My Li. In my opinion Burns likes to confound and conflate until there is no right or wrong, good or bad.
General Discussion / Re: KEN BURNS: THE VIETNAM WAR
« Last post by Orbean on Yesterday at 02:28:58 PM »
I like ken burns projects, look forward to them. Having said that he is very liberal and the war being as emotionally charged as it still is, I can see his view as biased liberal view.

General Discussion / Re: KEN BURNS: THE VIETNAM WAR
« Last post by Mannlicher on Yesterday at 10:28:41 AM »
laughing.  If I have to draw you a picture, I doubt you would understand it.  Carry on in your own world.    :)
Hunting, Fishing and Trapping / Re: WILD HOGS......(NOT THE MOVIE)
« Last post by wolfy on Yesterday at 06:23:15 AM »
That's correct, Unk.....there is no trychinosis in any of the government inspected hogs produced in the U.S.A. today.  Cooking pork roasts or chops to a slightly 'pink' degree of doneness is perfectly safe these days......juicier and better tasting, too. :drool:

Don't care what they say, I will only eat it well done.
Your call of course, but if safety is your sole concern, here is the scoop from the big pigs in the room.....The National Pork Producers Council & the FDA. ;D
Food and Cooking / Re: Coffee, brewed vs. instant ?
« Last post by Moe M. on Yesterday at 06:19:14 AM »
If you like fake coffee......who knows, you may even develop a hankerin' for fake cheese.  O:-)  :shrug:

 Afraid not Bud,  Back a few years ago I ran across a small recipe booklet that had a section devoted to Velveeta, one of the recipes was for Mac & Cheese, another that sounded interesting was for a Salsa/cheese melt nacho dip, I tend to be pretty open minded where it comes to food and trying something different, so I picked up two blocks of Velvetta while at the super market.
 A couple of days later I followed the recipe as it was laid out in the booklet, as it turned out it was edible probably for someone who has little appreciation for good food or has damaged taste buds, it turned out pretty bland and had very little cheese taste, as someone who loves the cheddar taste of real Mac & Cheese it was pretty disappointing.
 Next I made a salsa and added some Velveeta to it and warmed it in the microwave to melt the cheese, it actually wasn't too bad but not outstanding, or quite as good as if I'd have used a good blend of cheddar and jack cheese.
 Overall I was not impressed with either dish or in any part of Velveeta,  so the last half block went unused, it lived in the back of the cheese compartment of my fridge for the better part of a year before I noticed the box again,  I was almost afraid to lift the cover off the box figuring that it must surely be covered in blue/green mold, but my curiosity got the best of me and I took a look inside the box.
 Nothing, it looked just the same as when I cut it in half, put it back in it's box and placed it in the fridge,  that's what prompted me to read the ingredients list on the box, it's no wonder it didn't go bad, it doesn't contain any natural organic food products (let alone any cheese),  it's all either chemical or plant byproducts,  put simply, it's a plastic imitation cheese look alike.
 There's actually nothing phony about Postum, it's a powdered drink mix made of ground natural whole grains, it was never advertised (as far as I know) as coffee,  the original recipe tasted like what it was made from, Postum now offers it in a "coffee flavor" as well, but is honest in it's advertising,  unlike Velveeta that still insists on including the word "Cheese" on it's packaging.
Fire! / Re: Fat wood hand drill fire
« Last post by Orbean on Yesterday at 04:59:00 AM »
I just got my hands all sticky.  Can't believe I fell for that.

But did you do it in front of a bunch of coworkers? Well unfortunately I did. I am going to have to something big before they will let that one go. Lol.  :-[.

XJ, you sir caught that quick, I tip my hat to you and your superior intellect. I should have read your post first.
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