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General Discussion / Re: mabey my last post here.
« Last post by woodsorrel on Yesterday at 06:32:07 PM »
hayshaker, hopefully it won't come to that and you'll be able to stay on B&B.

  - Woodsorrel
General Discussion / Re: mabey my last post here.
« Last post by hayshaker on Yesterday at 06:27:53 PM »
QC. your probably right. i'll call tomorrow morning
and see whats what.
River Rats / Re: More Lake Time
« Last post by crashdive123 on Yesterday at 06:13:19 PM »
I guess I should post a pic of the helicopter.

River Rats / More Lake Time
« Last post by crashdive123 on Yesterday at 06:07:05 PM »
This time I brought our high tech ride.  Staying on a military base you never know what you will see.  The helicopter training was cool.  The sunsets were spectacular.

General Discussion / Re: mabey my last post here.
« Last post by Quenchcrack on Yesterday at 06:05:42 PM »
Hayshaker, ask to talk to the Senior Customer Service representative.  His name is Ben Dover.
Country and Rural Living Skills / Re: J.D. 1050 my new helper...
« Last post by xj35s on Yesterday at 03:25:08 PM »
A set of suitcase weights on that empty front weight rack and a set of tire chains on the rear wheels would improve that situation immensely. 8)

I'm on vacaction August 6th through the 13th. There are two major farm events that week. the Pageant Of Steam in Canandaigua, and Empire Farm Day's in Seneca Falls. I will be looking for weights and a set of disks. possibly a finishing mower. Low on cash now...
General Discussion / Re: mabey my last post here.
« Last post by xj35s on Yesterday at 03:19:25 PM »
I don't know if anyone is aware of this but it is true and you can try it without damaging your phone. If you are at home using wifi or any wifi for that matter you DO NOT need a service provider. If you want to try this. turn off the phone, pull the sim card, then power it back on. no service but everything else still works. You can reinstall the sim card and it will be back to normal with service.

We quit verizon because the service sucks at our home and I am provided a cell through work. Our verizon phones still do everything as before except make calls or send/receive text messages. I have a samsung galaxy 4s mini. I can use GPS, internet, camera, gmail, tapatalk, and kindle app. I can download and use games and other apps.

It's a very handy little computer if you have wifi and don't need a phone! (wink,wink)
General Discussion / Re: Does This Make Me Cheap
« Last post by joejeweler on Yesterday at 03:06:57 PM »
Not cheap atall crash, those wheels and belts cost money.
i use'em till they ai'nt got no use.
when you're active in the shop and have neer half a dozen
belt grinders, people here know you can go thru some.
and ya that includes buffing wheels.
I put up all my belts on a hanging rack when there quite used but not done.

they always come in handy later.

for example I have small to large
work sharp ken onion grinder
a KZ 1xs30 belt grinder
KZ 2x42 belt grinder
preformax 4x36 belt sander
work sharp disk sander horizonl
a grizzly 2x72 grinder/buffer
performax dual buffer
that is a bit to buy material for just saying.

  When I first started (and I ONLY use one 2" x 42" best sander for my needs) , I used to buy top quality 80 grit, 200 grit and 300 grit belts for making my Ti Rod Tactical™ Titanium Self Defense Sticks. 

  However, it soon became clear that the hard Aerospace Grade 5 Titanium (6AL-4V Alloy) I use would "smooth over" the 80 grit after doming about 30-50 rod tips,....and behave as a 180 grit might. So after the quick initial cutting slowed noticeably, I would relegate the smoothed over belts to the SECOND stage of finishing, and start a new belt for inital (quick shaping) use.

   The now 2nd stage belt (originally 80 grit but acting as 180 grit),...would stay that way for about 100-200 tips, and would further smooth up a bit to begin acting as if they were 320 or so grit.  Then I would use these further as my final finish step, before final "hand sanding" with several twists into my palm over a few layers of (wetted) wet/dry 400 grit paper,... with a final few hand spins into a fine Scotch-Brite pad folded over a few times.

   So basically I only buy 80 grit belts now (forget the name but the much better "longer  lasting type), and I use them into successive grit functions.  In 2 years I haven't split one yet, and a few are slicked up enough to give a reasonable mirror finish to the beveled edges on several on my stick designs. hehe :-)
Country and Rural Living Skills / Re: J.D. 1050 my new helper...
« Last post by xj35s on Yesterday at 03:06:57 PM »
Oh, I should clarify a little bit. I was digging "extra" dirt from the edge of the pad to add to the top edge. The farthest edge from the house was too narrow and would have gave way under the load of the concrete.

For some reason I can't use both hydraulic valves at the same time. I think because it's open center, the first valve takes everything away from the second one. I could have curled then lifted if I had any traction. I was able to scoop up the stone very easily. Although I did mark up the lawn some.
Making Knives and Sheaths / Re: Made One For Myself
« Last post by crashdive123 on Yesterday at 02:15:53 PM »
Nice!  8)
What is the handle material?


Crashcarta (homemade micarta).
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