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Production Knives / CIMA-1/Izula Clone
« Last post by NoseWarmer on Yesterday at 03:12:38 PM »
OK, before I get started, I want everyone to know, these two knives are COPIES, not the real thing and I will not portray that they are a true ESEE. They are both copies from China.

The larger of the knives is a CIMA-1, I have seen and read several reviews on the knife and it is compared to and ESEE 3, the blade steel is 7CR17MOV. The reviews are good on the knife but not so much on the sheath.

The second knife, the smaller one was advertised as an Izula Clone or copy and no where does it say ESEE. The blade steel is advertised as D2, which if it is, that's great. I did buy a real set of ESEE scales for it. The sheath is molded kydex which holds the knife very secure.

What I wanted to show was the modification to the sheaths and the piggy back style that I came up with.

In total, I may have $65.00 in the pair with mods.

The sheath for the CIMA is a two piece ABS molded plastis, the knive rattles in in, but is held securly. The original belt clip is a BIG clunky piece of spring steal that anyone would take off and throw away.

So I ordered some 2.5" leather, dyed it black, did a quick stitch for the belt loop and added two quick rivets.

Next I attached it with 4 Chicago screw with finish washers, using some rubber fuel line to off set it from the leather backer.

The smaller sheath was also attached with 2 Chicago screws and fuel line, again giving it a offset to clear the larger sheath.

Hope you enjoy.


Food and Cooking / Re: Meat Sticks/Beef Sticks/Snack Sticks
« Last post by NoseWarmer on Yesterday at 02:42:53 PM »
I am a fan of slim jims, i know they are greasy and made of the parts of many different species, but i do love them.

They make a GREAT laxative :)

The secret is all the grease. :rofl:

That it is :)

General Discussion / Re: BRRRRR!
« Last post by crashdive123 on Yesterday at 02:21:40 PM »
82................. .again.
Most likely it was a Submarine Sailor.........I'll bet he is proud.
« Last post by weedeater64 on Yesterday at 01:20:50 PM »
I can not recall specifically why I stopped visiting this site, but I think I'm beginning to get an idea.
« Last post by Unknown on Yesterday at 01:10:51 PM »
I did not see anything off with the way you quoted the post or directed your comments.

You(Moe) appeared to be bringing up some thing spoken about in another post about being "told" this or that about parenting. I volunteered highlighting that comment since I believed you were referring to me and that which I said on the matter in 2ndA thread; n'est pas?
« Last post by Moe M. on Yesterday at 12:58:12 PM »
That is extremely pitiful. It really is shameful with no humor intended.
  If Moe is referring to something I said about parenting in another thread he has not understood the point and intent of my words.

Overall I'm not sure what the changes really mean. Certainly there are thousands of job positions in the army that have no direct contact with enemy troops/ combatants. It's more about the sad state of our Urbanite cousins and the bizzare unnatural lives they live.

One solution I've come up with from these discussions is simply to end Agricultural subsidies. That'll allow for more free market rules to apply and result in a much more natural lifestyle to develop. It will also serve to empty the cities that only exist due to the availability of ample and cheap foodstuffs and thus end their progressive intentions to ruling over rural populations.

  I have been trying to stay out of these types of discussions (not always with success),  however,  you have written your post in three parts,  not one that seems associated to the topic of the lack of throwing skills of military recruits.
  I am unaware of what Bizzare and unnatural lives of which you speak.
  Your solution to the hand grenade throwing problem, you say, is to end Agricultural subsidies, embracing free market rules will lead to natural lifestyles,  forcing people who reside in cities to leave by withholding their food and starving them out,  and frankly I don't see how progressives are ruling over rural populations,  generally progressives aren't making much headway in the rural areas of the country.

  Is it just me,  does UK's post make any serious sense to anyone here ? 

Moe, you quoted a post from Unknown.....where HE was quoting weedeater64.  Just figured you'd want your words directed to the source of the quote....not the messenger that carried it. :coffee:

  If I screwed up I apologize,  but show me where weedeater's name is mentioned as the author or a previous quote mentioned, 'cause I don't see it in his post #3.
  It reads exactly like Unknown wrote the post himself,  his words.
« Last post by madmax on Yesterday at 12:48:58 PM »
When I was sky diving a lot,  the plane was not pressurized.  Everybody farted.  I guess we should've all been thrown out of the plane... wait...
General Discussion / Re: San Antonio?
« Last post by Unknown on Yesterday at 12:39:57 PM »
Anyone from around San Antonio? Don't seem to be a lot of bushcraft going on around here. Looking for some fellow bushcrafter's to meet and greet.

There has been in recent past, a big meet in San Saba. If it continues to run I do not know. One of the double memberships brothers might offer some info. Even though I cannot in good conscience recommend another forum, there are probably some good people in the areas nearby. Just not posting here to my knowledge.

Have you looked to the TX subforum? I can't be sure there is a single post there, but there might be a name or two you could open a dialogue with
General Discussion / Re: San Antonio?
« Last post by SIXFOOTER on Yesterday at 12:31:30 PM »
By March the San Antonio is in pretty good weather, can be wet but not too cold.
Might be fun to run down for a weekend camp trip
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