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Help Desk / Re: What is this?
« Last post by crashdive123 on Today at 04:51:21 AM »
It's a piston for a realllllllly small engine.
Help Desk / Re: What is this?
« Last post by Quenchcrack on Today at 04:36:07 AM »
Yeah,gotta agree with MnS.
General Discussion / Re: Things I can't stand....
« Last post by MnSportsman on Today at 04:21:59 AM »

and tail-gaters! I HATE tail-gaters!
Help Desk / Re: What is this?
« Last post by MnSportsman on Today at 04:12:03 AM »
It looks to me to be a zipper pull off of a glove or a light jacket. Missing the ring to hold it to the zipper.

Coincidentally there is some woven sets of zipper pulls by ASEMERY in another recent topic. I still think that it what it is though, since I think I have have seen zipper pulls like that before.

That is "my" "guesstimate" of what it is for...

Edit: got cut off before I could edit spelling & such... So, I came back & edited it.
Complicating things, the handle has been hardened so no  more holes can be drilled.  Three pins down the center going all the way through, and a row around the perimeter that only penetrate the wood.  PITA.

Wolfy, I am not sure I understand what you did with the scoop thing. Do you mean scallop on the edges?
Yeah, I think you're on the right track with the small brass pins....perhaps a row of more closely spaced pins around the perimeter of the handle would enhance the coffin-shape a bit more, too.  I think they're more commonly called 'coffin nails,' though. ;D

I wish I had pictures of the Bowies that I built for a couple of guys to show you how I enhanced the coffin-shape of the handles, but sadly they were lost to nitric acid fumes from an inadequately stoppered bottle.  I will TRY to describe what I enhance the appearance of the shape of the coffin and 'soften' the squarish edges of the mid-section of the handle, I took a gradually deepening flat 'scoop' out of the edges of all 4 of the longest sides of the scales.  That scooped portion was deepest in the central part of the handle and tapered to square at the front where the hilt would be.  The other end of the tapering scoop ended at the foremost portion of the chopped coffin corner.    In essence, the shape in cross-section would be 8-sided and slim in the center, tapering to square at each end of the handle.....all sections of the faceted handle being kept flat for sanding purposes, but very 'grippy' and comfortable to the hand, with a VERY striking coffin-like appearance. :thumbsup:   If any of that makes any sense to you I will be greatly surprised! :rolleyes: :shrug: :lol:
While I think it is okay the darker wood and small brass pins will be better looking.  I perused a few coffin handle images and the small brass pins used in a two two two pattern look really good.  JMO of course, yours may differ.
I got the scales mounted and did a quick stain to see what it looked like.  I hate it.  It looks like a cheap kitchen knife.  I have already gone to WoodCraft and bought a set of Ebony scales, at about twice the price of walnut.  I am going to ditch the rivets and use brass pins instead.  I may add a few extra pins to dress it up.  Gonna peal off the walnut tomorrow.

DIY and Homemade Gear / Re: Zipper pulls
« Last post by Quenchcrack on Yesterday at 06:39:20 PM »
We kid you knot!
DIY and Homemade Gear / Re: Zipper pulls
« Last post by wolfy on Yesterday at 05:11:33 PM »
I agree!  :thumbsup:       We've missed your knot posts & resulting projects and tips for duplicating SOME of them. ;D :P   Did you know that you were nominated and voted in as the most amazing knot-guru that any of us on this forum has ever known?  It's true! :hail:
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