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General Discussion / Re: United Outdoors on eBay
« Last post by Quenchcrack on Yesterday at 03:25:27 PM »
I have lost money on only one eBay buy, many years ago.  I do not condem on line shopping, I condem crooked vendors who could just as easily run a brick and mortar store in my town.  EBay rigs the process to favor the merchant so you need to know the rules.
DIY and Homemade Gear / Re: Zipper pulls
« Last post by Orbean on Yesterday at 03:13:40 PM »
Great job, it is nice to see you back.
General Discussion / Re: List of important things I have forgotten.
« Last post by Orbean on Yesterday at 03:12:17 PM »
 :rofl: :rofl:
DIY and Homemade Gear / Re: Zipper pulls
« Last post by wsdstan on Yesterday at 02:55:55 PM »
Neat.  If they were Orange and Blue (Broncos) they would be even neater.  :)

Nice to see you post again.  I missed seeing your creations.
Help Desk / What is this?
« Last post by xj35s on Yesterday at 01:38:05 PM »
I found this in the bottom of a junk box I bought at a garage sale for a buck. I got a lot of drill bits and taps, nails, screws, and some bicycle parts.

I'm wondering if this is a part from a bike. It is a little larger than a dime and very light. aluminum or pot metal ? I thought maybe something fishing related ?

It's just too cool to throw out. What is it though?

DIY and Homemade Gear / Zipper pulls
« Last post by asemery on Yesterday at 01:21:33 PM »
A friend who is a Pittsburgh Steelers fan asked me to make zipper pulls in his teams colors. Here is what I made with a refrigerator magnet thrown in.

General Discussion / Re: How old are you...really?
« Last post by John Van Gelder on Yesterday at 01:11:46 PM »
Another interesting flavor is grouse that have been eating mostly spruce tips.  Protein and vitamin "c" all at once.
General Discussion / Re: United Outdoors on eBay
« Last post by wsdstan on Yesterday at 10:38:59 AM »
Your right Moe but I was merely pointing out that in some parts of the country there are no options.  It is  simply the only alternative.  It wasn't that way before the internet though, then you had to call them to see what they had, get a catalog, do without. 

My Ebay experience is similar to Wolfy's.  Bought lots of stuff only two problems in all the years.
General Discussion / Re: United Outdoors on eBay
« Last post by wolfy on Yesterday at 08:43:13 AM »
Well, there ya' go.....different strokes fer different folks. :-\     I've had GREAT experiences with eBay sellers.  NO PROBLEMS, WHATSOEVER! :banana:
General Discussion / Re: United Outdoors on eBay
« Last post by Moe M. on Yesterday at 08:24:07 AM »
Moe you are assuming that everybody else lives like you do........ in a densely populated State with a lot of retail opportunities.  It ain't the case with all of us.  While I try to support local brick and mortar business when it is possible there is often no one selling what you need or want locally.

As a for instance; I buy a lot of stuff from Track of the Wolf in Minnesota for my muzzleloading rifles and percussion pistols.  The alternative is to drive 1100 miles round trip to their store, which ain't gonna happen.  My nearest black powder retailer is 110 miles one way from me.

Stan old buddy,  I'm not assuming anything,  just stating what works for me,  I deal with Track of the Wolf also,  Dixie Gun Works, Mid South, and allot of others,  Amazon gets allot of my business,  I agree that I'm fortunate to have a Bass Pro, Cabela's, Dick's, REI, and LL Bean stores all within a half hour drive from my home,  But I still buy on line from LL Beans in Freeport Maine,  Once or twice a year I drive a few hours round trip to Kittery Trading Post in Kittery Maine and make a day of it.
 The point I was trying to make was simply that we should try to support local business as much as possible even if it costs a few dollars more or it saves us a little bit of driving time,  but I fully understand that for those folks that live in the back country is too difficult, time consuming, or costly,  and the inter web is more practical.
 The other half of my point is if you have to buy on line,  try to support known businesses like those mentioned above,  most of my purchase problems have come from on line home based or fly by night discount retailers, and E-bay has disappointed more often than not, which is why I no longer deal with e-bay or pay-pal.

  Again,  just saying.
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