Author Topic: If you have a GSM mobile phone, here's a tip... (use at your own risk!)  (Read 905 times)

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 WARNING! Do not attempt this if you are not 100% confident you can do it without issue. While it is unlikely that you will brick your phone, if something goes wrong you might have to spend some time with customer service setting it straight if you mess something up. If you enter the wrong voicemail access number, for example, your voicemail would be forwarded to someone else's inbox.

Remember the days when you used to be able to set the the ring duration on your phone?

Well I can't remember a time in the last 10 years when a phone came with this feature. Most modern phones have a ring duration set at 20 seconds. If your phone is in another part of the house, or buried in a pack, there is a good chance 20 seconds isn't enough time to get to it before it forwards your call to voicemail.

You can increase this ring time to 30 seconds (which is, unfortunately, the network maximum) by following the steps below. If it doesn't work for you, you are probably not on a compatible provider. I am on AT&T and it worked for me.

First, dial the following characters on your mobile phone:     *#61#

A message will pop up showing your voicemail access number starting with +1 and the current ring duration (usually 20 seconds). Write down the +1XXXXXXXXXX voicemail access number.

Next, dial the following sequence of characters, replacing the X's with the number you wrote down (and don't forget the +1 at the beginning), like so:


You should get a message saying the program was accepted.

Then check again using the *#61# command to verify it is now set to 30 seconds.

That's it! Now you have 33% more time to get to that ringing phone before voicemail kicks in.

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Re: If you have a GSM mobile phone, here's a tip... (use at your own risk!)
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Cool....thanks for sharing the idea  8)
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