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Work Sharp Knife sharpening systems update
« on: May 15, 2017, 08:23:41 AM »
 Awhile ago I posted about a Work Sharp knife sharpener that I bought in the hope that it might work on a problem knife that I recently purchased,  the model I bought is the Work Sharp Ken Onion edition,  it actually worked better than I expected.
 The Ken Onion edition is the upgraded version of the original model, it has a more powerful motor, is variable speed, and has adjustable angle guides,  the KO edition also has optional tools that can be added to the motor control to do other metal working jobs, one is a "Blade Grinding" attachment that allows for actual blade shaping and edge grinding,  the other is a "Tool Grinding" attachment that is intended for sharpening lawn mowers blades, farm implements and other larger tools, and for shaping and smoothing metals.
 I was interested in the Blade Grinding attachment because I like modifying old knives into useful hunting and camp knives and because I though it would work well for sharpening my hatchets and axes,  after trying the attachment I found that while it's an excellent "Knife mill" for the hobby knife maker,  it's not that well suited for shaping or sharpening heavier tools like axes and such.
 Besides the Blade Grinding attachment I also picked up the smaller bar shaped Tool Grinding attachment and that one worked great on my project axes,  by placing the axe in a vice so that the blade is held in a horizontal position and using the smaller grinding attachment free style I was able to thin the cheeks and reshape the edge grind,  put a convex edge on and hone the edge, all without over heating the heads and ruining the heat treat,  the Sharpener works just slow enough to keep the steel from over heating while the Norton special abrasive belts aggressively remove metal, and because it's more forgiving than a professional bench grinder it allows the novice user to do a good job without screwing up the piece being worked on.
 So, my Work Sharp Ken Onion Sharpener has managed to impress me again,  While I understand that the system can be pricey for some, my Ken Onion Edition base tool was $129.00 at Cabela's, the Blade Grinding Attachment was $80.00 at Amazon, and the smaller bar type Tool Grinding attachment was about $40.00, the grinding belts are professional grade multiple layered abrasive belts made by Norton Abrasives specifically for Work Sharp tools and sell for about $12.00 per set of five different grits from extra coarse (about 80 grit) up to a honing belt at 12000 grit, I picked up two extra sets besides the set that came with the tool, I've been using it allot in the last two months and I'm still using the set that came with the tool, so the belts do last a long time.
 For the complete set of tool and attachments plus an extra set of belts your looking at about $250.00 bucks, but when you're talking serious tools that's not such a big investment considering the variety of shaping, sharpening, and grinding jobs that you can do with them quickly while getting profession finish results. 
 Before the Work Sharp most of my metal shaping projects were done with my Dremel Tool, anyone that owns a Dremel knows that the work can be slow, the abrasive bits and cutting disks don't last long and are expensive, and the quality of the finish while utilitarian is not all that great,  while I still use the Dremel for getting into small places,  there's not much the Work Sharp with a couple of attachments can't do.

 In my opinion it's a very worthwhile investment.
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Re: Work Sharp Knife sharpening systems update
« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2017, 12:33:57 PM »
Good information and great review, Moe! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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Re: Work Sharp Knife sharpening systems update
« Reply #2 on: May 15, 2017, 02:55:23 PM »
Good information and great review, Moe! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

  Thanks Craig,  It's still raining here, it's been almost a month and a half of steady rain with only a few days of clear weather in between so I've been spending allot of time in my little shop where it's dry,  I've about finished all my axe projects,  cleaned up and sharpened all the knives I've been neglecting,  I've even started working on my 'Vous gear,  I'm in the process of wire brushing my smaller Colonial Brazier,  I haven't dug out the big one yet,  a couple of coats of Rustolium high heat flat black grill paint will have them looking new again.
  I really haven't got to play with the Blade Grinder attachment much yet, but there's a huge indoor/outdoor flee market about 20 miles away that's open every weekend from April to the end of Sept.,  I'm hoping to hit it at least once a month looking for vintage butcher knives that can be turned into useful sporting and bush blades.
  I've done few, a vintage Case and an old Green River,  and turned a vintage Old Hickory into a fine looking Kephart with curly maple scales,  made a matching fire steel and Kephart type sheath for it as well,  I showed it to my youngest son when it was done,  he said "Thanks Dad, I love it",  what could I say,  the kid does so much for us it's hard to refuse him, "Good, I says, made it just for you."
  Any how, I'll have more to say about the Blade Grinder when I get to use it more.
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Re: Work Sharp Knife sharpening systems update
« Reply #3 on: May 17, 2017, 07:03:10 AM »
Sounds like a great investment indeed Moe :)
I will look into getting one someday...thanks for the review :cheers:...woods
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