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Hello, Everybody!  The Holidays are coming up and I thought it would be a great idea to have Holiday Gift Exchange for 2014.  We did one last year and it seamed to be a pretty fun event. 

To partake all you have to do is post what you would like to receive.  Other member's will see what your "wish" is and will PM you about giving you your "wish". 

It is asked that you post a "wish" only once.  It's ok to make an either or "wish" (For example, hey I would be happy to be gifted this or that).  However, you can grant a "wish" more than once.  Once a "wish" is granted, it is asked that you, please, let me know so that I can take you off the "wish list".  I will keep track of the wish list in post #1.  Posting photos of your received "wish" is highly encouraged!

Note:  No wishing for anything that may be illegal to traffic over state lines, i.e. guns, alcohol, dope etc.

Note:  Not everyone wishing may get their wish granted.  It would be nice but, unfortunately, it is not a perfect world.  Although, I am sure our members will do their best to grant all the "wishes".

This was great last year. I look forward to seeing this pan out again. :)

I'll play along this year Matt.  Great idea. I've been going through my stuff for two days and need to lose some stuff I never use.  Hope somebody wishes for something like that from me.

I wish I had a little 2 or 3 blade pocket knife for casual carving.  A little wear and patina doesn't bother me a bit.

The list:

madmax - 2" or 3" blade pocket knife for casual carving - Gifted by Matt Chaos

Nature Boy - USGI  surplus buttpack in woodland camo for the lbe - Gifted by Bighat

Grizzly - I wish for a crooked/spoon knife.  Production, custom, self made

Chief Big Knife - knife of some sort, possible antler/bone handled knives, fan if any decent blade, always been a fixed blade guy but I value a good folder - Gifted by Kanukkarhu

Tunnelvision - stainless steel wide mouth type water bottle - Gifted by xj35s

Jontok - blade blank

diogenes - a pair of whoopie slings for my hammock - Gifted by greyhound352

xj35s - sample of a quality blade (01 tool or 1095)

Trkbusa06 - Orange G10 or micarta to make firesteels.

wannabe - suspenders with button hooks to attach to wool pants. NO CLIP TYPE. - Gifted by Mnsportsmen

kanukkarhu - cap - Gifted by Matt Chaos

Nature Boy:
I'll give it a go as well....last year's was fun!

The list begins:

madmax - 2" or 3" blade pocket knife for casual carving

Nature Boy - 'Desert Storm' style canteen stove (not the regular USGI stove).


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