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Fire lays and builds, when to use each one.

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Pete Bog:

--- Quote from: Plinsc on November 03, 2018, 05:12:50 AM ---All the pictures are of a cat!

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   Not sure just how it worked because I never used it, but there was a free photo sharing service you could load your pictures to and then have them redisplayed on the forums. It started out free and was widely used. When they thought they were indispensable they changed the rules. They started charging almost $300.00 a year for their 'service'. That went over like a lead balloon. So they reduced the price to around $25.00 a year. But, the damage had been done and very few users patronize them. So---- if you don't pay their toll your previous pictures are now displayed as a cat.
  History story for the day. You must be new to the forums so, welcome aboard. :thumbsup: Lots of great information and shared experiences here.

HikerJim has one showing.
  See my earlier response. There are some good lays and info above that.

HJ. I like what you did. You show two large. You could have started with one as a prop for kindles. Or, you could have 3. In a few minute it could be 4 and morphing into a different lay. Making space for some air with good fuel. Heck, I can't fool ya. I didn't go back and read. But I did notice my "fires" can turn into Lays but that happens after the fire gets started.

2 weeks ago I made a brush pile to burn. I figured I had broken some stuff up and made a good piled right pile. I tried to fire it up in the brush pile way with diesel. I guess I could've used more the first time. Sure looked hot for a bit. After a second dousing I ended up rearranging to work with what I had going. I guess I could've used more gas the second time. The next week, I just made a fire and added to it as it grew. Worked, went, felt better. So 1 thumb size piece of fat wood = 2 gallons of diesel > sometimes.


--- Quote from: Plinsc on November 03, 2018, 05:12:50 AM ---All the pictures are of a cat!

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We call it catwood or catlighter. As the brits say: it works a treat. If you like dogs you can stay. No roasting them over the fire. We need to be clear on that.


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