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Pay It Forward Box - Stage 3

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I've not participated in one so I have wondered how it works out, based on the way I've seen many giveaways go here.

 It seems like most folks here are pretty well geared up, and they dont go in just to get something free. Since it would only take away the chances for the person who needs or wants the goodies most.

 It's not hard to imagine someone taking out 1 or 2 and trying to add in 3 or 4, or maybe not even being able to add to it because it's already stuffed full.

So what i wondered is, how do you keep the box from growing larger and larger?

You can't....I've found that it eventually becomes a monument to the strength of corrugated cardboard! :doh:

the box typically grows. sometimes a user will do a purge and separate the box, giving away the extras pulled out. like most things here at B&B we kinda wing it, which is a good thing.

Which reminds me, since I'm supposed to run this shin dig, here's the rules:

1. Put in as much as you take out (equal or greater dollar value). Be fair
2. ship back out within one week of receipt.
3. please post pics of what you take out and put in. it helps keep folks accountable, and it adds to the fun of the thread.
4. copy and paste the list to add your name to the list.
5. limit the size to one large flat rate box.

do you guys want to do a miminum post count this time?

Nature Boy:
I enjoyed participating in the last go-around. I'm in on this one as well, if y'all will have me.


3. Nature Boy

   Nothing like planting a seed, to see it germinate & grow.

Great to see some action so soon! :thumbsup: to xj35s & Bighat for stepping up to the plate!

Looking to see if UTC is "back in the game" too... (I hope so, I understand he is ailing a bit.) :(

 Get better, man! :)

 I will be watching & might step in in a few days. I usually have a bit of stuff to share.


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