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Pay It Forward Box - Stage 3

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I didn't know I was on this go around. I just had the start up box.

Not sure it would be worth the $15 or so for a few items. Maybe everyone could "call dibs" on what they would  like from the box as is, then pay $5 shipping small flat rate box.

That would be a lot of work on the box holder though.

I wonder if a gift and get scenario would work. For example.

I would post a few items up for gifting. Someone would "call dibs" I would send a small flat rate to them, then in return receive a small flat rate box of unknown content.

The surprise factor would still be there. Any items in the surprise box not wanted, plus a few other items, could be offered up for someone else to call dibs on and so it goes again.

We could have a dozen boxes on the move at any time. No more than $10 spent on shipping. Knives would need a bigger box for example. There would be a flood of content being shared here.

I'm up for whatever folks want to do - the box is sitting on the kitchen table, taped up and waiting or an address.  :D

Nature Boy:
Whatever yall decide, I'll go along with it.

I suggest an inventory or such. See what's in it and decide if it's worth it. We shouldn't ship it any more if the box is played out.



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