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punk wood for fire starter

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one thing is punk wood good to have on hand in the fire kit or is it so so.
and does it resemble a dried almost cork like apearence?
honestly i've never used the stuff. so some ideas would be helpful
where to find i have a dead cherry tree that keeled over the lower trunk
where it broke off is bone dry and a almost cork ike apearence.
is that punk wood?

Punk wood is good for fire making, if its dry. It will take a spark, burns nice and its light so you can carry a bit in th kit no problem.
It does look a bit corky but its not near as dense

good i'm gunna go grab a piece and try it out,
thanks six footer,

It helps if you char a portion of it before trying to catch a spark.  The charred area has a lower kindling temperature, so it more readily catches even a weaker spark.  Charring just a smaller portion of the punk seems to help the durability when carrying it around in your tinder box........on the other hand, an Altoid tin full of charred and crumbled punk catches sparks more readily than the other form.  Your call. :shrug:

Yeah it's good stuff. Back in Georgia I used to use it with Flint and steel and friction fires as a coal extender. But there were better things so I didn't use it all that much really. Now that I'm here in Alaska I went back to it for more experimentation. Can get it to straight up burn with a ferro rod but it will still catch a spark and smolder. But I might be doing something wrong.


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