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many here have experimented with all manner of materials.
mainly steel&stone ect,,,
i have found that old files can work quite well.
even a sliver of high carbon steel leftover
from cutting out a knife blank.
what i would like to hear is some of your
experiments and what were your conclusions.
pictures please, :)

My first successful foray into flint and steel was with a Case belt knife I got in a trade.
I used a crumbly bit of white quartz on the spine of the knife and was able to send large sparks right to the ground while standing.
I taught my best friend the technique the very next day and he got sparks on his first try. He only copied what he saw me do. Hadn't ever seen a video or anything like it.
Shortly after that I got two good fire steels in a trade. Both were from relatively new files but had been forged by a young guy in Texas. Kid was pretty good because they were tempered just right. Not quite as good as the Case knife, but pretty good. The Case knife was saved some abuse by those steels (that and I traded it).

Anyway, I gave my buddy one of them and I gave the other one away a few years ago to a young sailor I was on the Base Shooting Team with.

One of my favorites that I have made and used is an old rat tail file. I can make two out of one of them. Easy to bend and throws one heck of a shower of sparks

thank's pete' inever thought of using a rattail file,

There are a lot of posts about flint & steel & such in B&B, if ya do a search. It might help if you are looking for more info & stories of F&S use by the members. If ya want to search for them, of course. There are members who do not visit as much as they used to & you may be missing some posting here due to that also. It might help, anyway.

Have fun & enjoy!


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