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I am looking for folks with real world experience with fire steels. Over Christmas I got a gift card from Bass Pro and played hell spending it. I'm not in need of much so I wound up using it to buy an over priced light my fire ferro rod. This is a firesteel 2.0 army.

I'm not sure I've ever had this brand. Folks rave about them. I have a dozen rods at least that I have used with great success. I really bought it so I could compare for myself. I took them out this evening just to throw sparks and I honestly couldn't tell  much difference.

I think a tender lighting test with different ones my be my project for the weekend. I guess I was expecting something amazing but it just wasn't. Not to say it doesn't work great I've just always been satisfied with what I've had so far.

Fire away.


Yeah I have found the scraper makes the difference in how good of sparks it throws.  Not the brand.  One may be better but I cant tell much different either.  Big ones last longer is all I know

I bought a commercial model at a flea market.  $3.00 as I recall.  It has Kershaw's name on the handle of the rod and the stamped steel striker says "Light my Fire".  The one I have is similar to yours but the striker doesn't have a handle and is made of a polished steel with little serrated grooves in it that you use on the rod.  It doesn't seem to throw any more sparks than those I have made from ferro rods obtained on line but it does throw hotter sparks.  I have tried a variety of strikers made from hacksaw blades and files, as well as just using the back of my knives.  I thought it might be that the ferro rods obtained on line are not as good of quality as the one on the Kershaw model.  By hotter I mean the sparks seem to last a bit longer and leave a smoke trail as they fall from the rod.  :shrug:


No help here.  I've always been happy with the cheap ones I get on ebay.  I believe it was xj35 who turned me onto axeprice on ebay.

As far as scrapers go, I've heard or read that the carbide edged garden tool sharpeners like this are excellent, but I've never tried one since the back of my knife seems to work fine.  https://www.zoro.com/corona-garden-tool-sharpener-carbide-ac-8300/i/G5134884/?gclid=Cj0KEQiA8orFBRCEpODivaOft_EBEiQAy3mlfVHjdDqiXjvy_ptANLgOeiS5x2T1znIPQBokF-8bdPYaAuO08P8HAQ&gclsrc=aw.ds

  I am with Nuke on the using "cheap ones", although not ebay ones. Coughlans are the ones I have used for the most part & I really don't use them a lot. But, the ones I do have, work right nice & work well enough for me. I got them about 10 or so years ago in a bunch(10-15) for about 3-4 bucks a piece. The ones I have used, have not gone bad from corrosion/etc. & the ones not used yet, are still viable as far as I can tell. I don't use them much, as most here know since I am a F&S feller... But, just once in a while, to keep the technique down, and sometimes to test a new tinder, since it is good to keep oneself in practice about such things, and see what they can do... but they are not my "go to" fire start method. {When I think about it,  I think I use them more for starting a propane gas grill, a smoker, or turkey cooker, than in the woods to start a fire. LOL ;) }
I think I have given more away to kids & folks who have never seen the things before, than I use them myself.

  I am curious to what others would think also & going to wait & see what others have to say about them. I am glad ya asked here. UTC. Since, like ya said, there are some who swear by them & won't use anything else.
I think it still comes back to , "Choose your own path.". Some folks like one thing & others like another. Birch bark to Fat wood. Axe to Machete. Etc...


P.S> - I think I would buy one of those 1/2 x 6 inch ones if I ever buy another. I think that one that size would last me for my lifetime & maybe get another kid started. LOL ;)


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