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I've never owned an LMF ferro rod, but I recall seeing a pretty thorough test on YouTube by some guy I thought gave pretty honest reviews on different pieces of bushLORE equipment.  He tested the LMF rod against some of the el cheapo Chinese rods and he couldn't see much/any difference in them.  I wouldn't know because I've only used the cheap ones. :shrug:

One striking/scraping surface that I've never heard mentioned anywhere before is the exposed backspring of a half-opened folding knife.  I discovered it one day when I had a sheath knife in my bibs that had never had the spine squared off for use as a striker.  The knife I ended up using was a bigger trapper pattern from Rough Rider that I had in my pocket at the time.  It too, had never had the spine squared, but I noticed that the edge of the exposed backspring was just as square and sharp as a well sharpened ice skate.  It actually worked better than the little piece of hacksaw blade that I had been using.  You just have to be careful that you don't get cut from the exposed half-opened blade on the folder.  Just something I remembered doing that I thought some of you guys might want to try with one of your folding knives. :coffee:

Well JB, I think you know i'm a F&S man too. It is a soothing fire making method for me and peace and quiet is usually what I'm looking for when I'm out. Like I said, the main reason I got this thing was to get the gift card off my desk. Honestly I looked over their website more than several times and just couldn't find anything that said "buy me". They have no axe selection either and very few knives. That put a bad taste in my mouth right off.  An "outdoors store" that can't sale ya a decent axe. I am going to try and do a decent test this weekend if my time works out. Hell, the 2 in the photo above will probably last me a lifetime if I start twice as many fires as I figure I might. I guess I was figuring the thing would set the woods on fire when I scraped it. I think a lot of the magic may be in the scraper as well. Appreciate the replies.


While some companies/brands may alter the percentages of materials slightly, I'm pretty sure they are all made in China.  Most likely the same factory.

Thanks for the credit imnukensc, I like a lot of the stuff axeprice sells.

I have a 1/2 x 6 and another I cut in half. They are nice. I do have an LMF, but I think my exotac throws better hotter sparks. I got a 2 fer off massdrop some time ago. I have used the heck out of it and it's still going very strong. I think I'm going to pick up the XL model eventually.

Moe M.:

   My experience has been mostly like everyone else,  in past research I learned that there is a difference in ferro rods,  the cheaper models are softer because if the metal content,  they usually throw globs of molten magnesium but they wear out quicker than the harder more expensive models,  the more expensive harder rods throw sparks that are hotter and dance around on hard surfaces.
  Which ones are better is anyone's guess, I've tried both and in my opinion I have better luck lighting tinder with the cheaper softer rods,  and when you're talking a few dollars for the cheap ones compared to $15.00 bucks for a branded one,  I'll take the cheap ones any day.
  Like most folks here I own a dozen or more ferro rods,  I've been using them for five or so years and haven't worn one out yet,  I did ruin one once by heating it up with a torch to get it off the plastic handle,  from experience I can tell you truthfully,  if you want to experience a rush,  try it,  but do it outside, and do it where it can't fall on anything hard because the explosion will be quite a surprise, and the burning slag will stand a good chance of messing up your pant legs, not to mention your legs.
  Again, like someone else mentioned,  the type of sparks you get out of either types of ferro rods will depend more on the striker you use than the rod itself,  I don't use the spine of my knives like the "Experts" do,  I value my knives more than they do I guess,  the tool I've found most handy for consistently throwing hot sparks is the sharpened edge of the awl on my SAK and on my US pocket knives.


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