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I do not like most of this guys videos. However, this I think is awesome. I am building one out of a dollar store puzzle tin which is a little deeper and more square than an altoids. I can't find a protractor to get the angle perfected but I'm working in it. I want all four sides to lean outward for a larger area on top.

He had an atoids small buddy burner to along with it too in another video of course.. Not my thing. Too small not enough duration.

In my backpacking days this would have been pretty interesting when we camped at high lakes in the Rockies while fishing.  He doesn't say (or I missed it) how much this weighs but it has to be light and handy.  I can see using something like this for making a cup of coffee in the morning at the farm just to do it.

Thanks for posting.

Moe M.:

  I've watched about a dozen of Way Point Survival's videos and found them interesting,  I think the guy has a good deal of skill when it comes to the outdoors, and he certainly has a calm way of presenting his subjects.
  I'm not a big fan of candy tin survival stuff such as emergency survival kits, emergency first aid kits, however thy do make handy compact fishing kits and fire kits.
  Being a survivor of a real survival story do to my own stupidity and youth I can tell anyone who counts on what ever the contents of your emergency survival candy tin kit is,  it alone is not going to save your life in most instances,  had not my hunting companions come looking for me when they did I probably wouldn't be here to tell you this.
  Ever since that day when ever I go into the woods I carry my regular day pack, no it won't fit in a cargo pocket,  yes it weighs about ten pounds, and no, it's not a bother, once you get used to toting it around with you.
  Altoids and Sucrets tin kits are fun to build but that's all they are, a good mind exercise and that's about it in my opinion,  but what about the small "backpacking" stoves like the one in the above video,  well, if it's your thing and you like the challenge, knock yourself out,  if you like doing it and it works for you, why not ?
  Speaking for myself,  if I'm going to work on a project it needs to be a good one, I'm not suggesting that making a woods stove out of an Altoids tin is not good,  If I told you how many alcohol stoves I've made out of cat food cans and soda cans you'd point out that maybe I have a problem.
  Some of my stoves were fantastic, most others not so much, but today my go to stove is one of my Trangia sprit burners,  and my favorite wood stove is a Solo Lite gasifier stove,  and if I really need to go with a compact folding pocket stove the best I've found is the Esbit medium size folding Pocket stove, they run under $15.00 and are probably the most versatile pocket sized stove on the market today, I've had mine for about 50 years and it's still going strong,  I hate solid fuel tabs so I use mine as a twig stove or with a small Trangia alcohol burner.           

I agree Moe. This is basically just compressing a nimblewill down in size and packability, get a nice container to carry it, and extra room for a few things. I plan on adding small spice botles and a bic with a few cotton balls to protect the glass and tinder. This is a puzzle tin from a real deals dollar store. They are 1" deep and 2/14"x4" . Now I have to even out the cuts and cut out the cookie sheets, also from the dollar store.

Excellent model XJ and when you get it done more pics please.


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