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Moe M.:

  Like Stan, I'm also excited about how it will turn out.

  One question though,  have you decided on a design yet for the pot holder/grill grate that will hold your cup or pot, and keep the sides from flaring out more under the weight of a full pot ? 

I am thinking this too. I think i'm going to make small tabs on this part and slots on the top plate. Planning the top plate to just have a bunch of 1/2" holes uniformly drilled. I was going to grind a ton of slats for a grill look but I think it wiould be too wobbly.

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I am making a mess on the dining room table. wife not happy. I'm still reconfiguring the tabs for the two top plates. I really want it to lock solid together. I think one charcoal brickette would be awesome in this thing.

All six plates in the tin and room for a full size Bic, S.A.K. HUntsman, a small Compass, and a streamlight nano knockoff.


I may need a stronger metal. the cookie tin is too weak and bent easily. My nimblewill i thought was made from this dollar store tin, But it is thicker. Maybe the tins are made thinner now to cut costs. I may revisit his later.

I bought a roll os flashing 14"x10'. I'm using ti as a roll up chimney for a wood stove I'm making. I'll see if it's thicker or more durable.


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