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JT Handcraft:
I have always carried some sort of sewing and repair kit and finally landed on something that works extremely well and looks rustic.  This particular sewing kit was inspired by the Saami people but instead of using reindeer antler, I have chosen to use cased and baked veg tan leather for unbelievable rigidity. I then hand stitched with synthetic sinew for a rustic look. It features two replaceable cork stoppers with a leather thong and decorative toggle to keep my contents secure.

The dimensions are  3 3/4? tall with an inside diameter of 1 1/4? and contains lots of space for needed items. I also incorporated a sewn loop in the leather thong for attaching.  I am currently using a Nite Ize S-Biner.

My kit contains:

#14 Sail Needle 2 3/4" (high quality English made)--also works great as an awl or splinter picker
2 Heavy Duty stitching needles
5 Safety Pins (3 small, 2 Medium)
5 ft Artificial Sinew (great all purpose multi-filament repair thread)
5 ft White heavy duty waxed nylon thread (canvas and leather repair)
5 ft Brown heavy duty waxed nylon thread (canvas and leather repair)
5 ft Black heavy duty waxed nylon thread (canvas and leather repair)
5 ft Natural (sinew) heavy duty waxed nylon thread (canvas and leather repair)
1 Mini utility razor blade
Plastic Vial for safety pins, needles, and razor blade


JT Handcraft:
I also made both a minimalist fly fishing/tenkara and regular fishing kit using the same container concept.  I have incorporated a Nite Ize S-Biner into the sewn loops for various kinds of attachment.

Minimalist Regular Fishing Kit has hooks, float, split shot.  It also pulls double duty as a hobo hand line.  I added two Ranger Bands over the outside of container.  One functions as a line bed for the hobo handline.  The other helps keep the end of line from unraveling. 

Minimalist Flyfishing/Tenkara kit has a handful of flies, strike indicator.  I attach forceps to my S-Biner and simply clamp to my shir or jacket.  I can attach a spool of tippet on the bottom and can also wrap a furled leader around the outside of the kit.

Pete Bog:
Good skills and good craftsmanship, great combination. Looks good, well done.  :thumbsup:

Well done.

Moe M.:
  Good job  :thumbsup:, and  :welcome: to the forum.


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